1. Go to Facebook.
    1. You will need a profile, so continue if you already do. Please set up a profile if you do not have one.
    2. Click the inverted arrow at the top right corner.
  2. Click Business Manager (if you don’t have a Business Manager Account set one up here)
  3. Click See All in Business Settings at the bottom of the screen. It may look like a button at the bottom of the Pages section.
  4. On the right-side menu, under Users, click People.
    1. In the column second from the left labeled People, click the + Add button at the top.
    2. Enter the email you wish to add into the Enter Email Addresses input.
    3. Assign Roles, we need at least Employee access.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Invite us to the assets on the left-hand side that are most relevant.
      1. Please discuss with us what types of assets we require assess to in order to perform our tasks.
      2. For Facebook Ads we will need Admin Access.
    6. Hit Invite button.

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